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God the Father shows the goodness of God as the good shepherd who cares for us - His people - as a shepherd cares for his sheep: He protects, feeds and directs our lives.
The MP3 teaching sermons in this category contain helpful messages and guidance on how to know the goodness of God and receive good things from God to bless your life on earth.

Blockages To Healing - Audio MP3 contributed by Ian & Rosemary Andrews
In this Christian sermon Ian Andrews provides detailed teaching guidance on the spiritual and emotional issues that block God's divine healing power from being effective in your life and the lives of those for whom you pray. The message has also been added as a chapter in Ian's book 'Equipped to Heal' - essential reading for anyone who counsels or prays for the sick. This preaching provides guidance about the effects of rejection on the emotional and spiritual state of a person.
Ian Andrews also testifies in this sermon how he has witnessed bipolar disorder, brain damage, cancer, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, hereditary disease, hereditary illness, hereditary sickness, and leukaemia and schizophrenia all completely cured by the divine healing and grace of God. 

The Life and Leading of the Spirit - Audio MP3 contributed by Ian & Rosemary Andrews
When we leave a spiritually uplifting meeting or conference on a high having listened to inspired teaching messages and guidance - maybe after witnessing supernatural acts of God's divine healing or His miraculous intervention in needy lives - we can often feel confused and discouraged when we then experience less of God's power back home or in our church than we did in the conference meeting. Ian Andrews explains in this Christian teaching how God responds to us differently as we grow and mature as Christian people. The guidance provided in this sermon will be invaluable in teaching about God's ways so you do not become discouraged as you grow in spiritual maturity. 

Blood Covenant of Healing with a Good God - Audio MP3 contributed by Ian & Rosemary Andrews
The church Sunday service started with Rosemary Andrews recounting a dream from the previous night. Rosemary Andrews then provides extensive Biblical understanding of who Jesus Christ is, lists some of the amazing promises that God declares in His word that are true for the believer in Jesus Christ, and finishes with a wonderfully inspiring prophecy. Ian Andrews Christian sermon then leads us through the Biblical scriptures on the new blood covenant we have with God for our healing. Ian Andrews provides sound guidance on the blood covenant that the believer has with God as he teaches us from the old testament about the characters of Moses, Joshua and Caleb and their part in the Jewish exodus from Egypt, and then the relationship between David and Johnathan who is treated like a blood brother, and finishes with the call of Abraham to go to the promised land that God had given to him. 

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Goodnessadmirable, agreeable, beneficence, benevolence, commendable, ethicality, favorable, favourable, friendliness, generosity, good will, graciousness, honesty, honorable, honourable, integrity, kindliness, merciful, rectitude, rightness, upright, virtue, wholesome
Godabsolute being, all knowing, all powerful, almighty, creator of all things, deity, divine being, divine master, divinity, god s, god's, holy father, Holy Spirit, infinite spirit, Jah, Jehovah, king of kings, lord of lords, maker of the universe, master of all, omnipotent being, ultimate power, spirit, universal life force, Yahweh

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